VINGVO Bath Toys, Shower Trays, Bath Toys for Children and Parents (Green)


Material: The plastic material and the appearance of the toy are very glossy , and the rounded edge design can effectively take care of the baby’s skin and stimulate the baby’s cognition of the new world.
Education: Scientific and reasonable design, so that mothers can teach their children some daily knowledge while bathing their babies, play while learning, and learn by playing.
Cartoon Octopus: The design is perfect for toddlers and babies, the cute octopus design, and the bright colors naturally attract their attention.
Gift: This octopus shower water toy is very suitable for giving to the baby, let the baby fall in love with the bath and have a good time, and the parents don’t have to worry about it.
Shower: The small shower can evenly spray water, the water is not strong, not only can’t damage the baby’s skin, but also make the baby feel very comfortable, so the baby does not reject bathing

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