Rongdafeng Architecture Collection Great Pyramid of Giza Building Blocks Sensory Toys forToddlers Collectible Landmark for Adults 31pcs


?【Creative Blocks】 Pyramid blocks by 2 cubes, 4 cuboids, and 25 tetrahedrons, all with a square base of 1.9*1.9 inches
?【Building Fun】 Kids like stacking up soft blocks with their imagination and knocking over till the Great Pyramid finish.
?【Learning Tool】 High relief on each side with math signs, numbers, animals, fruits, and together with symbols of ancient Egypt
?【Muti Stage Toy】 For toddlers to develop skills including color perception and object recognition, while basic math for preschoolers and elementary learners
?【Egypt Collection】Find out Gods and Goddesses textures like Ra, Isis, Bastet, etc; explore art, science, history and mythology with the building of the Great Pyramid

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