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This baby phone is in the shape of a cartoon kitten. Kids can walk, sit, or pull the toy phone. Scene simulation, simulated phone calls, weather recognition, phone ringtones, simulated incoming calls and other effects to cultivate children’s daily cognition.
This children’s game phone is made of high-quality plastic materials, without sharp edges, which protects children’s health. The average volume does not exceed 65 decibels, which will not harm the baby’s eardrums.
Kids can use this toy phone to pretend to make calls and chat with others. You can have interactive education with children through this musical toy, and develop their imagination and communication skills. It’s really fun for kids and convenient for parents.
Babies are curious about everything. The baby phone has lights, many different playback modes and sounds. Toddlers can learn different sounds, colors, words, music or numbers through the touch, sound and sight of the phone.
This educational phone toy for babies comes with a leash so babies can drag the toy around. Therefore, it can stimulate the baby’s curiosity and develop its exploration ability.

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