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[Double-sided Multiplication POP] This is an advanced multiplication POP with a double-sided multiplication chart design that prints up to 12 X 12 TADs on a single side. The other side extends to 12 X 24. Multiplication tables to meet more advanced multiplication requirements, designed by DK-Simina! Double-sided digital flash card multiplication game table toy, the unique advantage of learning while playing makes participants fondle admiringly!
[Suitable size] 24 (L) * 24 (W) cm, 169 bubbles Compared with other old versions, it is more conducive for adults and children to play together, play more and have more fun. P0PP fidget toys can effectively relieve anxiety and stress, or spend time at home. This is excellent for people with autism or who are stressed, simply put, the sound of “p00p, p00p, p0pp” can help ease anxiety and restore mood.
[Durability and Playability] Just press the mouse bubbles and they make a slight sound like someone is banging their knuckles. There is no noise or distraction. Players take turns pressing any number of mouses in a single row. The player who presses the last mouse loses. Then turn it over and start again.
[High-quality and safe materials] Our products are made of high-quality silicone, which is comfortable to touch, non-toxic, tasteless, will not cause any harm to humans and pets, and can be repeatedly pressed for a long time.
[Suitable for everyone] DK-SIMINA’s newly designed digital table multiplication table game toy can help parents and teachers create various multiplication game pithy formulas, so that children can remember multiplication numbers more easily and learn mathematics more fun. This program is perfect for seniors, children, and adults. Good choice for gift giving

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