Lierpit Flower Arrangement Toy Set 128PC,Bouquet Building Blocks, Educational Garden Art and DIY Assembly handicrafts, for Children Over 3 Years Old on Holidays, Birthdays and Christmas


Overview of Flower Toy Set: Lierpit flower garden building toys is committed to exercising baby’s hand-eye coordination, stimulating children’s creativity, experiencing and understanding the infinite fun of nature’s four seasons flowering period.
Educational significance: flower building toys Completely decompose and present the structure of flowers, understand and appreciate the structure, shape, color, and sequence of natural flowers, understand the structure of flowers, cultivate beauty and creativity, train hand-eye coordination and balance, and combine them into different flowers at will.
Intelligence development:The simulation flower pattern, a variety of varieties, a variety of structural parts with different colors, freely collocation. You can change whatever you want, and you can create a steady stream of flowers. You can create all kinds of flowers with little hands.
Holiday gifts: It is an exciting gift for boys, girls, children or as a reward for life tasks, because it can improve children’s hands-on ability and share the joy of children completing crafts.
Safe materials: All parts are made of high-quality, harmless and non-toxic materials, with smooth edges and no burrs. You can rest assured that children can play games, and many people can participate in the game.

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