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【Valentine’s Day Cards】These Valentine’s day cards set  come with 42 Pcs dinosaur cards in 6 different patterns and 42 Pcs heart erasers.Write a message and your name on the card,simply glue an eraser to the front and you’re done!
【Valentines Gift Exchange Cards】Our dinosaur heart erasers Valentine cards are Perfect for kids Valentine’s day, class events, gift exchange, school classroom prize, love notes, party favor and so on. It’s great for children, classmates, and families to exchange and give gifts on Valentine’s Day, creating the opportunity for social skill development, and can be a time to teach children to express gratitude to friends & family.
【Durable Material】Valentine’s day exchange cards printed with 6 different patterns are made of 250 grams of white cardboard, which are safe, non-toxic and cute.And each heart erasers with 6 different colors, you can stick to the card with the glue points we provide.
【Product Dimension】The dinosaur card is about 11 cm/ 4.3 inches in length and 10 cm/ 3.9 inches in width.The erasers fits the card exactly.Meanwhile, your kids can write some warm words on the cards and send them out, which is a great way to spread love and express thanks to friends and family during the holidays.
【Super-Cute Design】We chose dinosaurs that are popular with children.Each cards has a special unicorn pattern, and heart erasers have a vivid sssorted colors.The classroom Valentine’s can be given to children as gifts. It can help children develop creativity and hands-on ability.  

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