Ferris Wheel Model Building Kits with Lights, Rotating Ferris Wheel Building Blocks Set Toy,Amusement Park Building Blocks Construction Toys Set for Boys Girls Adult (879pcs)


?【Amusement Park Ferris Wheel】: Ferris wheel building block set, 879 pieces, height 11.3”, width 11.7”, length 5.9”. 879 colorful Ferris wheel building blocks, colorful LED lights, adjustable two-way lighting, cool Lighting effects, improve children’s hands-on ability and build their play world.
?【High-Quality Material】: Made of ABS material, after a thirty-day production cycle to ensure that each part is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can let the children play happily without worrying about any quality problems
?【Educational Significance】: Our Ferris wheel is designed according to the intellectual development of American children. After research and development in our laboratory, our Ferris wheel building blocks have as many as 879 parts, which are more than many Ferris wheel building blocks on the market. The difficulty of our design , can improve children’s spatial construction ability, as well as manual ability
?【PERFECT GIFT】: Carnival Ferris Wheel has, cool styling. And he can rotate left and right through the motor, with lighting effects, simulate the real Ferris wheel, suitable for Girls Boys age 8-12+ on Christmas, Birthday, New Years or other festival.Any kid ( or adult) is going to have fun with this one. This toy gift will definitely make them excited.
?【Detailed Assembly Instructions】: Before you start to assemble our Ferris wheel, please open the assembly instructions in the box. Our use of high-quality parts and detailed instructions, you can easily complete with your child, if your child has difficulty assembling, or you need to exercise your child’s hands-on ability. This will be our educational design.

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