CYGURT Luban Bird Large Rubber Band Power Bird Toy Power Flapping Bird Puzzle Ideas Toy 6 Pack


1. One of the common problems of flying bird toys is that they cannot fly up. They will fall directly when they fly out of their hands, or fall down straight Joint. There are several factors in this problem: 1. The front wings are uneven. The insufficient fan air is one of the main reasons why many birds cannot fly well.
Second, The unreasonable size of the wings leads to the birds losing balance in the air and making them unable to fly. 3: It is also the most important factor. The unreasonable main framework of the product is the quality problem of the product, which basically cannot fly.
Three:the flying birds fly off and cross one side skew, this is because the balance on both sides is not good enough, because these products are all handmade, and there are inevitably some small errors in the paste process, these will also lead to unsatisfactory flight conditions. There is a counterweight component in the accessory of the toy. As long as it is buckled to the side corresponding to the direction of deflection, this problem will be solved.
IV: if the flight is not ideal, you should observe the center line of the tail to see if the deviation is too large. If the deviation is too large, it will also lead to poor flight or tilt to one side. Solution: fold a few times towards the other side of the deflection, but pay attention to the strength not to break
Five: Specification (approximate number): double wings 48CM long, 35CM long, weight (approximate number):6 PCs: plus packing within 500g, note: Please play and entertain in an empty and windless place.

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