CreativeWorks.Global Golden Dragon – Paper Craft kit, 3D Paper Puzzle DIY kit Laser Cut Miniature Creature Craft Kit for Kids and Adults – Birthday Gift for Puzzle and Paper Craft Enthusiasts


Legends about dragons have existed in various cultures around the world since ancient times. Dragons are frequently seen in temples and exquisitely sculpted old monuments. Do you think creating dragons is difficult? In fact, you can make your own dragon from scratch.
By following the instructions, the craft kit “Golden Dragon” allows you to create a golden dragon with a powerful posture, majestic in both appearance and symbolic meaning. A golden dragon is a mythical mascot that represents royalty, power, good fortune, and prosperity. The dragon appeared with its wings outstretched, full of courage and burning in a ready-to-battle attitude.
With the patience and creativity, the golden dragon will be transformed in the surprise and delight of the maker. The item is excellent choice for those who enjoy being creative and seeing the fruits have been made with their own hands.
The collection of legendary creatures presented by CreativeWorks.Global in 2022 includes Golden Dragon, Silver Dragon, Black & Red Dragon & Griffin.
“Golden Dragon“ will include the following items: (1) All the details of the craft kit are contained in a 6.3W x 8.1H inches hardcover. The finished product’s dimensions are expected to be 8.1W × 8.3D x 5.5H inches, although this will vary depending on how the finished object is fashioned; (2) An assembling instruction book; (3) A wish note; (4) A thank-you tag; (5) Plastic packaging for protection; (6) Product weight: approximately 3.5 oz.

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