Climbing Toys for Toddlers 1-3,6 in 1 Toddler Climber and Swing Set Kids Playground Climber Swing Playset with Tunnel, Climber, Whiteboard,Toy Building Block Baseplates, Basketball Hoop Combination


[Children’s Playground 6-in1] Refreshing styling design! Delicate and cute freestanding swing and climber set for toddlers with Six functional parts: 1 swing, 1 basketball hoop, 1 climbing set, 1 whiteboard for drawing, 1 building block baseplate board, and 1 tunnel arch set for crawling. This set allows children to completely release their playful nature, and they can play with their friends for hours!
[Certificated HDPE Material] Our material is made of certified HDPE material. It is completely non-toxic and will not cause any impact on the baby’s health. Parents can buy this set of suits at home with peace of mind, and build a dream playground for their honey babies.
[Smooth & Safe] The stable and safe structure is full of design. Climbing holes are carefully designed to prevent slipping. The smooth surface allows children to play freely and pleasantly. The pillar of the Tower-shaped structure is stable enough and can adapt to lively and active children to play. Parents need to be on the sidelines to provide assistance when kids need help.
[Double Function] – One side of the triangular structure is a whiteboard made by a dry-erase board which is very easy to clean and repeats use (including drawing pens and an eraser) and the other side is a building block baseplate board (including some small blocks) to give full play to your baby’s talents and talents.
[More Fun Play] The basketball hoop is designed to lay the foundation for cultivating future stars. It can be removed when not in use to reduce the floor space (the mini ball is included). The combination of the arched door and tunnel makes it a joy for babies to crawl and shuttle.

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