Climbing Netting Climbing net Climbing Frame Net for Kids | Adults Truck Trailer Heavy Duty Netting Dia 8mm 8cm Rope Ladder Protection Net Children Safety Net(Size:2x3m/6.6×9.8ft) Climbing net


❤Climbing net: Hand-woven, traditional craft,support custom rope diameter and mesh size of any other size.If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by email.
❤The protect net has a diameter of 8mm/0.026ft and a grid size of 8cm/0.26ft .The edge of the net is reinforced, the force is even, the pulling force is strong, anti-sun, anti-weathering, anti-rain.
❤Safety anti-fall net is suitable for construction sites, trucks, stadiums, playgrounds, balconies, stairs, pets, children, etc., to prevent objects from falling, to ensure the safety of pets, children, etc.
❤Safety Tips: Regularly check the safety net for any safety hazards caused by various external or human factors to protect children’s safety.
❤There are many uses for protective nets, such as decorative photo walls, children’s climbing games, which can be used as nets for various balls, farm birds, and animals.

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