Chew Necklace for Boys and Girls,Food Grade Cute Shape Silicone Baby Teething Pendant Chewing Toy Infant Teether Toys (Blue)


EASY TO : Mild material, durable, oral sense chewing necklace can be soaked in warm water and washed by hand with water, or it can be used in a dishwasher. It can be used normally in the range of – 40 ℃ to+250 ℃, and it is convenient and simple. After and drying, it can be stored in a suitable environment for standby.
REST ASSURED: The dental chewing necklace is made of food grade silicone material, which is soft, tasteless, and sanitary. The food grade silicone chewing necklace is suitable for children in teething period, which can effectively relieve the baby’s mood, divert the child’s attention and reduce the generation of negative emotions.
DISCREET AND STYLISH DESIGN: The teeth chewing necklace is designed with a safe separate clasp, which can be separated from the rejector when used. The sensory necklace is easy to chew, moderate in size, easy to grasp, and will not be stuck in the throat, so it is durable.
DIFFERENT COLORS AND STYLES: This is a special oral motor sensory chewing toy suitable for boys and girls. There are many different styles. The pendant teething tool is light in weight, small in size, cute in shape, fashionable and distinctive. Different colors can form an impact on the baby’s , attract his attention, so as to achieve the goal of visual transfer, reduce anxiety, and .
MULTI FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The silicone chewing sensory necklace is a mild chewing device, which can relieve the baby’s anxiety, hyperactivity, irritability and other negative emotions, divert the child’s attention, and perfectly soothe the mood in the most natural and quiet way.

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