CCTS 3D Wall Art Hanging Décor, Dynamic Sand Art, Round Glass Moving Sand Pictures, Wall Mount Moving Sand Art for Office Home, Wall Decoration for Adult Kids Toys/B/44Cm/17.3In


Indulge in the Sand Art,The Flowing Deepxsea Sand Will Form Another New Sandscape Map with the Continuous Rotation. Immerse in the Slowly Flowing Sand and Watch the Slowly Forming Landscape, As If You Are in the Mountains and Rivers, the Gurgling Water , Purify the Mind, Relieve the Fatigue of a Day’s Study/Work, Relieve Stress, and Give You a Comfortable Experience.
Interesting Toy,Moving Sand Art is Extremely Playable, Can Be Played with Kids to Form Different Shapes, is an Ornament at the Same Time, is Also an Openxminded Toy, Can Give the Child Some Imagination Space, through the Imagination of the Landscapeaing Pattern, to Regulate the Bubble to Control the Location of the Flow of Sand, So As to Form Their Favorite Style.
Sandaing Decor,The Perfect Home/Office Desk Decoration. a Natural Landscapeaing Makes Your Decorative Environment in the Middle of Landscape, Quiet, Natural, Elegant and Indifferent. Watching the Different Sandscape Pictures Formed with the Flowing of Sand, You Can Feel the Magic of the Creator, and Every Change is So Natural and Beautiful.
Perfect Quality,Highxquality Leadxfree Glass That is Transparent Like Water, Allowing You to Fully Experience the Gurgling Quicksand. the Product Design is Ingenious, the Workmanship is Precise, Each Detail Level is Distinct, and the Perfect Fine Sand and Its Color Make Every 3D Picture That Flows Out is Full of Artistic Conception. the round Frame of Material Does Not Need to Worry About Its Environmental Protection Problem, and It is an Excellent Home Decoration.
Agift,Multixpurpose Moving Sand Art Will Be Youra Gift Choice. a Holidaya Kid to Relax Kid’s Academic Pressure, Feel the Pictures Formed by Nature and Improve Imagination; a Birthdaya Colleagues to Relieve Their Tired Mood of a Day’s Work; a Mother’s Daya Mothers to Fill the Home with the Scent of Nature. This Will Be Thea One to Choose.

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