Baby Teething Toys for Baby 0-6 Months, 6-12 Months, Silicone Baby Teethers, Seposeve Professional Baby Gum for Boys & Girls, BPA-Free, Soft Particle/Striped Style, Easy to Clean. (2 Brown)


100% Food Grade Liquid-Silicone:The new type- Liquid Silicone, transparent, odorless, and more resistant to bite. It is safer and healthier than traditional solid silicone. Best material for children’s teether. BPA-Free, CPSC certified laboratory tested.
Striped Ends – Massage the Gums (3-6 Months): The arc of the striped grooves on the teether is the same as the arc of the baby’s gums. When the baby is biting, the gums are stressed evenly, which can make the baby’s teeth grow more neat and beautiful. For 3-6 months.
Particle Ends – Stimulate the Gums (6-12 Months): With 11 rows of silicone particles of different lengths and thicknesses, they can effectively contact the gum area on both sides of the baby’s deciduous teeth, and massage to promote tooth growth. And effectively alleviate the problem of itchy gums during teething. For 6-12 months.
Safe Swallowing Depth: Max size: 1.21 inch. Ensure the teether does not touch the throat and cause retching when the baby bites. Safety for use, the baby prefers it, the best choice of baby teether
Easy to Clean: Liquid silicone has good high temperature resistance. Clean with boiling water or steam after use of teethers. Dishwasher safe.

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