aliseghpe Bathtub Little Bear Green Leaf Boat Shape Non‑Toxic Floating Plaything for Kid Baby


Turn the S‑shaped group rotating button on the green leaf clockwise, press and hold the paddle blade while rotating, and stop turning when the rotating button encounters greater resistance, so as not to damage the movement, just put it on the water to lo
Can exercise the children’s hands‑on ability, and play a role in distracting, so that the child will not be so naughty when taking a bath, and you will be more relaxed
Children always like to choose brightly colored bathtub toys. Bright colors help exercise children’s ability to distinguish colors, improve hand‑brain coordination, and learn from play. It is a good choice for preschool toys
Made of high‑quality environmentally‑friendly ABS material, it is non‑toxic, odorless, durable and will not fade. It has a smooth surface, no small parts, which will provide your child with maximum safety
With a cute bear shape, children can quickly accept it and like to play with it in the bath. It is compact and easy to carry, and it can be used in the bathtub at home or when you go to the swimming pool to play

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