2PCS Roller Digital Teaching Stamp,Addition and Subtraction Practice Stamps/Multiplication and Division Within 100,Dual Head Teaching Stamps Math Learning Toy for Primary School


[Improve learning efficiency] You can quickly prepare math problems for children at home. You can quickly print math problems by rolling stamps, and it is fast, dry, convenient and practical. In order to avoid repetition, the arrangement of every 10 math problems needs to be changed.
[Digital teaching embossing drum] Numbers can be changed, gently rolling, can efficiently and quickly print out less than 100 math exercises. This is an interesting and meaningful gift for your children and friends’ children!
[Reusable] Small and delicate, easy to carry, and reusable after adding ink. The color will not fade after drying, and it is not easy to get dirty. Add printing ink, which can be reused, convenient and interesting to use.
[Math Skill Development] Rotate the adjustment column to adjust 10 different queuing modes. Meet all the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division between 1-100, and cultivate children’s logical computing ability.
[Perfect educational gift for children] This is a great gift. When children need to practice math problems, parents can quickly prepare for them, and children can also prepare for each other and learn together.

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