2PCS 8inchs Rain Maker Stick Tube Shaker Sensory Auditory Musical Instrument,Plastic Rainmaker Rainstick for Kids and Baby


Soothing sound of raindrops: Turn the Rainmaker over, watch the colored beads move downward through the translucent plastic tube, and stimulate the vision and sense with energetic dripping beads and soothing sound of raindrops.
Dexterity and coordination: Shake it, flip it, roll it. Your child will like to turn the rain maker upside down again and again to see and hear the colorful beads on the rain stick rattle to the bottom.
Develop musical sensory motor skills: This interesting and innovative instrument imitates the sound of rain. When a child or baby listens to the rain-like sound of beads rolling through, it helps to develop grand motor skills, imagination, hand-eye coordination and auditory skills .
Scope of application: This rainmaker toy is suitable for babies and children to use as musical instruments.
Warning: This product is suitable for children aged 3 and above. The tube contains small beads. If we break it, the beads will fall out and there is a risk of suffocation. Please protect it carefully.

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